What we offer

The Environment

Our environment is curated to encourage the children to investigate, explore and discover. Language, literacy and numeracy are not isolated. Rather, they are explored through a variety of mediums and learning experiences; those which excite and engage the individual child.

Our teachers and educators encourage intelligence through imagination; we use art as a language to represent ideas and express emotions; drawing, painting and sculpture are regular activities that promote creative thinking as are performance; music, dancing, dramatic play and puppetry.

The classroom has a dedicated literacy area which features a range of picture and non-fiction books; a construction space with coloured and natural blocks, puzzles and manipulative materials; and a growing array of treasures from nature: stones, pebbles, foliage, petals, sticks, leaves, pods and seeds.

We believe that identifying and researching beauty and ethics is the indispensible foundation for a livable, sustainable future that everyone speaks about but that seems so difficult to bring about. It is only with an intelligent heart, with courage and with vision that we can proceed. Vea Vecchi, 2011