Our Children

There are hundreds of different images of the child. Each one of you has inside yourself an image of the child that directs you as you begin to relate to a child. This theory within you pushes you to behave in certain ways; it orients you as you talk to the child, listen to the child, observe the child. It is very difficult for you to act contrary to this internal image. For example, if your image is that boys and girls are very different from one another, you will behave differently in your interactions with each of them. Loris Malaguzzi

 We believe children are competent, capable and deeply curious. We actively listen to children’s voices; documenting their thoughts, ideas and questions.

 We believe children are active learners who are eager to explore, to work with others and engage in the process of learning. We value this process seeking to support them in all their investigations.

 We work together valuing the multiple perspectives of each participant and seek to solve problems in constructive ways.

 Children are protagonists of their own learning. They are intelligent and intent of making sense of the world through a constant process of constructing knowledge.

 We believe they have a right to realise their potential and be recognised as citizens of their world.