Our Centre

Gumnut Kindergarten is a caring Christian kindergarten in Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We believe that all children are loved by God and equal in His eyes.

Our Philosophy and Vision

We aim to provide a nurturing Christian atmosphere with a stimulating learning environment, where sharing and co-operation with other children is encouraged. We believe that children learn and absorb information more readily if they initiate the learning experience. Therefore we provide a program based on the children’s interests and needs. We strive to build trusting and secure relationships between children, parents and staff. We endeavour to cater for the individual needs of each child, and promote their total development.

We believe that every child has been wonderfully made by God, and are precious and special to Him. For this reason we want every child to have the opportunity to discover God’s love for them, and to know their Creator in a personal way. Our teachers regularly read Bible stories, sing Christian songs, and teach Christian values modelled after Jesus.

By valuing each child’s heritage and cultural background we will lead them to a greater understanding of God’s love for them. Through this love children will feel valued and respected for who they are in relation to their families, communities and the world and thus love and respect others around them.

High Teacher to Child Ratio

Because Gumnut is not just day care but a pre-school, we want to see every child begin their schooling years with great confidence, and a solid foundation to enable them to reach their potential.

Essential for this to happen is a high teacher to child ratio. Where most day care centres have a one teacher for every ten children, we have one teacher for every seven. This means we are able to give more personalised care to each child and each family.

Age & Attendance

We have twenty seven children per day, aged from 3yrs – 5yrs of age.

A child must be placed on our waiting list to receive a place. When a position is available, the parents are contacted and offered a place. Children are only able to register on our waiting list when they are two years of age or older.

We recommend two to three days attendance per week. So that the children are able form positive attachments. We have a minimum 2 days/week policy.

How the Centre is Managed

Gumnut Kindergarten is under the guidance of St. Faith’s Anglican Church Narrabeen.

The centre is managed by a Management Committee, which consists of a chairman, the Minister of St Faith’s Church, three church representatives and three parent representatives, plus the Director.

The Management Committee looks after the larger details in the running of the kindergarten. The Management Committee deals with matters relating to the building and property, liaises with the church, appoints staff, sets fee levels, and prepares budgets etc. for the allocation of the funds for equipment etc. The minutes of these meetings will be displayed on the parent notice board for all to see.

The day to day running & programming of the Centre is organised by the staff.

What people say

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As a grandparent, I can see that Gumnut provides a caring and exciting environment for little people who love to explore. Every child is treated as an individual and ideas are nurtured. My granddaughters have grown in confidence both physically and emotionally as challenges are met and overcome with guidance from the wonderful educators at Gumnut. I love to hear the stories of the latest escapades with friends or see the treasured art work or the moment captured in a photo sent home to their parents. Gumnut lives out the philosophy on which it is based with integrity and professionalism: “every child has been wonderfully made by God and is precious and special to Him.”

Rowena August 13, 2020